You probably do know what it means to get deprived. What it means to want something but can’t just get it.  You want to ride the best car, eat the best meal, go to the best places in the world but you can’t. That’s because you got stuck in between two worlds… “The rich and poor”. Sometimes we get deprived of pleasures not because we want it to be so. But simply because you’ve not got what it takes. Others who pull off all they’ve got trying to get what they want instead of what they need end up getting a negative cash-flow and as such ends up being static or stagnated in life.

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What is cash-flow?
Cash flow is the net amount of cash and cash-equivalents moving into and out of a business. Positive cash flow indicates that a company's liquid assets are increasing, enabling it to settle debts, reinvest in its business, return money to shareholders, pay expenses and provide a buffer against future financial challenges. Negative cash flow indicates that a company's liquid assets are decreasing. Net cash flow is distinguished from net income, which includes accounts receivable and other items for which payment has not actually been received. Cash flow is used to assess the quality of a company's income, that is, how liquid it is, which can indicate whether the company is positioned to remain solvent.

The (total) net cash flow of a company over a period is equal to the change in cash balance over this period: positive if the cash balance increases, negative if the cash balance decreases. The total net cash flow for a project is the sum of cash flows that are classified in three areas

1.     Operating cash flow: It refers to the cash received or loss because of the internal activities of a company such as the cash received from sales revenue or the cash paid to the workers.
2.     Investment cash flow: It refers to the cash flow which related to the company's fix asset such as equipment building and so on such as the cash used to buy a new equipment or a building
3.     Financing cash flow: cash flow from a company's financing activities like issuing stock or paying dividends.

Free cash flow is defined as a company's operating cash flow minus capital expenditures. This is the money that can be used to pay dividends, buy back stock, pay off debt and expand the business.

The 9-step ticket to a robust cash-flow

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1. Work for your dreams, not someone else’s.

Humans are made in such a way as to always hope for something. A brighter future, a world of fame and riches, and perhaps a world where there will be no pierce nor pain.
You have a dream, there is something you want to be, and there is something you secretly desire even though not everyone knows about it. Everyone has a dream, or better still everyone has hope for a good future. Yea everyone! But some are just too afraid to wake up from their dreams and actualize the idea. You get scared they will criticize and mock your idea. Therefore you decide to remain the slave which you are not. If you really want to start making money and finally be wealthy then you need to do something that you are truly passionate about, your dream. Without this passion, you are never going to reach your full earning potential. Focus on doing what you love and what you are passionate about, not just something that happens to be in a highly paid field. Really ask yourself and dig deep to think about what you can see yourself becoming obsessed with. Obsession is the key to true success and it can lead you to real wealth. As real, lasting wealth is not just about more money but about more freedom.


 2. Dream like a king, but grow up there.

Everyone want to make it big, everyone do wish it can just happen all of a sudden but it doesn’t always work that way. Keep your dreams big but always remember that growing up to that financially free person you desire is a gradual process. And like I use to say “be bold enough to take the step but start with one foot”.

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Understand your undertaking first before you try to go big. Take, Tim as an example. He started stock trading with just $1,500, grew it to $1 million in three years and then over $3.3 million in four years. He bets bigger now that he is more confident, thanks to his early education. He is one good example of starting small and working your way up slowly to something much more.


3. Ask yourself the golden question: how can I serve more and more people. 

Huh?  But yea you’ve got to ask the golden question. It is only in your service to other people that you can be the greatest among them. Reference to the old holy book’s story “The greatest among you must be a servant of all”.
Most people find this tough to do, but you can only have so many Houses, Lamborghinis and Ferraris and Porsches. Trust me, as someone who has had all three, they are not as fulfilling as giving back to charities, it is infinitely more rewarding and fulfilling. Remember that true wealth is not just about having the most money, but the most inner peace too. You will truly feel successful, established and wealthy if you start giving to others. More so, you’ve been through those walls of deprivation. If I were you, I would help others climb through.

4. Health first.

Always find time to rest. A healthy person is a wealthy person. Out of all your struggles to financial freedom, what matters most is your health and family’s. Don’t let your quest for wealth dissatisfy its parent condition “health”. Never forget to be in good health both health-wise and relationship-wise trust me it counts.

5. Don’t stop learning.

Always seek knowledge, for knowledge alone empowers you. Never get bored of learning, always seek counsel. You can never know it all and we always need a little spicing from those who know better to get updated. Knowledge is infinite, there is no end to it. It’s just a matter of how much you are ready and willing to take. The farther in knowledge one gets the greater the chances of success at the venture wherein his knowledge lies. True leaders seek knowledge at all times because they understand that there is no success without it.
At a time like this, a generation like ours where technology have opened our eyes to what sounds like a mystery. The Internet. It gives liberally to all who inquire knowledge of it and you have unprecedented access to a wealth of information. Make use of this leverage available to you and accelerate rapidly. Isn’t it exciting?
“The farther in knowledge one gets the greater the chances of success at the venture wherein his knowledge lies”

6. Save

 Most banks and credit unions let you automatically transfer money from checking to savings accounts, but there’s also a free online service called SmartyPig that makes the process simple and efficient. The site allows you to specify goals, what they cost and when you’d like to reach them. It then transfers the amount you need to save each month from your checking account into an FDIC-insured savings account paying 2.15% in interest on balances up to $50,000. You can stop funding your goal and redeem your money anytime you want.

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You can do the same thing for your finances by making healthy financial choices your default options. One way you’re probably already doing this is by contributing to a 401(k) or similar retirement plan. Once you’ve opted in, you make contributions on a regular basis without lifting a finger–a move that studies show makes people much more likely to contribute and to do so in larger amounts


7. Protect your finance.

Those high earners living paycheck-to-paycheck have no financial protection at all. If they lose their job, they are up a gnarly-smelling creek without a paddle. The working and middle classes can start their climb by building financial protection. First, they need an emergency fund, which can cover 3-6 months’ minimum mandatory expenses. Minimum mandatory expenses include housing, basic groceries, necessary transportation, and utility (gas, electric, water) bills. It doesn’t include dinners out, cable TV subscriptions, a fancy car, beer, Netflix, etc.


8. Get Financially Contented

Being able to cover your minimum living expenses with your investment income is an incredible feeling. It’s the first glimmer of invincibility—you could be fired tomorrow and never work again and survive indefinitely!
But not comfortably. After all, the texture of life is made up not of eating ramen noodles every night, but in being able to travel, to grill up a rib eye, to enjoy it with a glass of Haut Medoc. It gets easier from here. After reaching financial security, you now have substantial income from your investments. If you can avoid lifestyle inflation, that means you have a huge portion of your income that can go toward even more investments.
Don’t give into the temptation to go out and buy a ski chalet in Aspen or a BMW M3! You’ll slip back a step on the ladder. Instead, keep building passive income from investments, so that it can cover increasingly more of your total lifestyle expenses.
As more of your discretionary expenses can be covered by your investment income, you’ll reach financial contentment. Which is only a short hop from financial independence.


9.  Free yourself.

When your investment income can cover all of your monthly expenses, you are no longer dependent on a job. Not just the minimum costs, but the fun stuff too. Dinners out. Travel. Entertainment.
Congratulations, you’ve reached financial independence!
You can retire now if you want… you aren’t dependent on your boss, your job, the government, or anyone else. You can tell off the entire world and then go make yourself a cup of hot cocoa, put your feet up, take a nap, and not worry one whit about what anyone in the world thinks.
If you own more than a handful of rental properties, you might want to think about hiring a property manager. Or not—maybe you’d rather quit your day job and just manage your rentals instead.
These 9-steps ticket can go a long way in helping any individual get wealthier. You don’t want to waste this opportunity. Start now and you are sure to have a more secure financial future for yourself. 


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