SERIES: How to Start Your Business Today With Little or No Money

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Is the fear of starting that your business so ingrained in you that you can’t take so much as a leap? Have you written a bulky plan but no damn Idea how to kick-start it? Or do you have everything else in place except capital?

Fear Not, Stop planning and stop waiting.

It’s time to sail. Will you join me?
I have passed through the exact same experience of stagnancy as a result of the "No money to start" syndrome – but I learned, and so I am going to take you outa that dungeon of stagnancy but of course if you agree to board my boat.

The fear of starting is a major problem many people out there are facing. One more horrible enemy is the “No Money to Start” syndrome.

You might be a victim of this even unconsciously but don’t worry, my boat never wreck. You’re safe here and this series is crafted just for you.

A Little Story About The Route We Are About To Navigate.

I will be your sailor. And if that’s okay by you, then I will like to give you a little pep talk about the route we journey.

The sea route I follow, very few go through it. This route is narrow and full of challenges, only the determined tread this path and succeed.

That other route you probably sail now had a lot of fat-tummy sailors, almost all my friends sailed that path, and it was large and convenient.  It was luxurious and rich but in the final analysis, it led to a dead end. Trust me as someone who has sailed that path severally. I just managed to survive, thanks to those grand sailors that got me out.

When I first got introduced to this sea route we are about to navigate, I saw very few sailors – too scanty even for the narrow sea route. Fear gripped me. “This is a risky path,” I thought, “will I make it out alive?”

I believed that going the other route will be great and at least I’ll get to chat with Tom and Francis as we sail. There were lots of partying on the other side, so why settle for less.

I managed to allow myself get convinced and in the end – I smiled.

In this series, we will navigate through how you can start your business with little or no money. It will be divided into episodes in order to touch all the areas it concerns. (I told you this route is full of challenge)

Let’s get sailing then. Would we!

What’s your plan?

Maybe a very large one with all the analysis and financial projections. Trust me I did that countless times and you know what? It went useless – blames to the “No Money to start” syndrome.

I challenge you to stop planning and start doing. Planning is preparation and it is great to prepare.

What is it they say, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail?”
That golden principle still holds true, but perhaps something can be deduced from there.

Wait for a second and ask yourself – “why you plan?”
You may have planned a great summer break, an exciting tour or sightseeing or you are yet planning your small business even as we discuss.

That's great! But a mere plan it is until you take action. The point is, a plan is action oriented. 

"You don’t plan to plan another day, you plan to start doing today"

So, what happens if after planning you end up doing nothing? Sorry, your plan just went useless.

If you’ve written a plan or you nurse an idea, then – START. It’s as simple that you don’t need the pope to anoint you. Just go out and start doing.

In this series, we will navigate through the following

I bet this will be an interesting series and you can’t afford to miss it.
One more thing I forgot to say. Tom and Francis are now on the boat ready to sail. So tell your friends about this so we can get started.

Share it, Tweet it, Facebook it, and preach it.

 And by the end of this series, you should be able to do the following.

  •  Start your business within a day (not just some joke)
  •  Discover how to make the right plan (An action oriented plan)
  •  Know the S.T.A.R.T formula at the tip of your fingers.
  • Teach a friend what you’ve learned.

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What other topics do you want to add to the list? Leave your comments below and it will be included just for you.


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