Mind Blowing Facts: How to Exorcise the “No-Money-To-Start” Syndrome and 5 Tips to Start Your Business Today.

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I was speaking to a friend one day after a lecture. It happened that I have always discussed my financial views with Francis which always sounded counter-intuitive to him.
I didn't discover how much trouble I was creating when I asked, "Do you know you can actually invest and start up  your business with no money?”
 Almost leaping out of his desk in total disagreement, Francis barked, “You only invest with money. Not with these tricks of yours. Not even your efforts can save you without money”
How obvious I just started a fight.

Can someone really invest with no money? Yes. How exactly is that possible? You’ll find out later in this episode of the Series: How to start your business today with little or no capital. If you have missed any episode of this series, don’t worry. You can visit the cover post here and acquaint yourself.

Maybe you are launching a “that serves you right” missile at me right now.
Let me disappoint you – I am not surprised. Not even a bit and I’ve got protection.
Whenever I talk to a person on the subject of making money without money, 90% bark back at me.
But the many Francis’ I have met has at some point understood to their utter surprise what time they have been wasting. Let me make the fact clear once again: you can start investing today even without money.

Is this sounding counter-intuitive to you? Probably. But these are what to check for.
  •          How well you understand the word “invest”
  •          Your level of teachability.
  •          How readily you can adapt to change
  •          And a couple of other factors
Now let’s get learning.

What Does It Really Mean To Invest
According to Investopedia, an investment is an asset or item that is purchased with the hope that it will generate income or will appreciate in the future.

Notice that this definition hinges on the purchase of an asset. Now, what happens if you don't have money to purchase one? Well, you don't have to purchase, you just have to render some services with the assets you already have, which of course will certainly appreciate and even generate income with which you can start purchasing for real. But here is an unfussy definition for you.

"Investment is the Art of throwing in 1, for an extra 0.5"

This is another way of looking at it – rendering instead of purchasing. That is to say investment is giving out your services, money, or anything that can add value (not necessarily money) in order to get something in return – profit.

My Response to Francis
It is very obvious that the notion – making money with no money, will sound nonsensical to many people. The question is, are you part of them? Do you want to change that mindset? (Your teachability)  If yes, then how did I succeed in changing Francis’ mindset?
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The Response
“I agree with you,” I responded, “then what is the whole point of this,” Francis barked on. Calming him down I said, “People will more often believe in an old lie than a new truth. In essence, you can start investing with the very things you have now rather than wait until your pockets get swollen (what a bad idea!).”
“You are just being funny,” Francis exclaimed with eyes fixed on me. “When I say you can invest without money and even start your small business from nothing,” I continued, “I mean that you can start investing with the resources you already have. At least you have a skill, people around that needs your services and most importantly you have the internet (a place to shout out loud).”

“Now you are confusing me,” he responded in total awe and dismay. “I understand the uneasiness to let go of that old dogma. But here is the bottom-line, it’s not all about money, it’s about mindset. You can invest virtually every resource you have at your disposal including intangibles. And until you understand the magical theory behind this, you will while away a good portion of your time shooting for mere imaginations. ”
Now here’s the thoughtful question Francis asked and my response.

What Can I Start Investing Now?
Yes, it’s “what” not “how”. You probably must have come across countless articles on the web describing “how and where to invest.”
Am not condemning any of that. In fact, it is great you find time to go through such posts. But here is the crack of the day.

It does not end in the knowledge of how and where to invest. The other thing is what to invest? Which balls down to the usually misconceived idea – money. Now what if I don’t have the money, at least not yet, should I sit and wait? No of course.
I will simply tweak that question and leave you to ponder for a while.
 What can I start investing now except money: in order to quick-start my business or career?
This is not just another play on words. This is a real problem many are facing out there. And the solution is just a certain paradigm shift. Do you have a career but won’t pursue it because you think you don’t have enough resources to start?
Good news – you can start now. Why? Because you have enough resources and there are right at your disposal. You just have to acknowledge them.
Here are Resources within you, you can and should start investing immediately.
  •          Your time in the business you wish to startup
  •          Your services to people in need of It (I do this more often – it is actually a good investment of time)
  •          Your research about the very business or startup: how will I get better? What are the problems that really needs solving? How can I make a difference in the market? Who do I need to impress?
Sounds crappy? No, it doesn't. You just have to look a little deeper.
Still not satisfied? Here is how you can start building your business today. In Fact, if you really understand what this is all about, you will start your small business immediately after reading this article.

5 Tips How To Start Building Your Business with No Money
Here is the game-changing idea that has helped me start any business almost immediately.
  •          Meet coaches in your field and start gleaning ideas from them.
  •          Start building a strong relationship with your potential clients.
  •          Render some free services to your potential clients and request for non-monetary support. (Chances are, they will listen and support you.)
  •          Start building a resource of information about your business. (I practice this one every second of the day)
  •          Read always.
Oh, I overlooked one point. Now this is very important.
  •          Start with whatever you have. Your whole Art rests on “STARTING
Nevertheless, in time you will need money to support your career or small business. But if you get started now, you will find just the right support for your business or career even monetarily.
I have practiced this severally and it works flawlessly for my startups and  I have a hunch it will likewise work for you.
So stop making the mistake of sitting back and coasting the whole reason for your stagnancy on the “no-money-to-start” syndrome. Get out of that mess and start investing with what you have.
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In what ways have you invested without money? Don’t you agree with this concept? Share your thoughts in the comments section.



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