What Really Hinders People From Starting Their Businesses And How To Get Rid Of It.

Why don't I get ahead even when I really want to, what's holding me back from taking on this goal, how can I surmount the imposter?

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One thing I know you won’t do much doubt is that the start of anything always tends to mirror an interesting face, but yet looks gloomy and unfunny from another perspective. This point in time, is a moment of truth that requires a very determined and ready to push heart.
Statistics have shown that over 90% percent of startups don’t make it in the next five to ten years of business. This is but for the wrong approach to the rewarding adventure of starting a business. The costliest mistake an entrepreneur, business person or an artist will ever make is to neglect the S.T.A.R.T formula. This formula practically guides startups on the right way to go about the interesting process of business innovation. Without a formula that works, your startup might tend to experience some ugly repression in the long run. Go through the S.T.A.R.T formula at any point in time you need to start a new business, profession or career and you can save yourself from doing a number in the statistics.

Why is the start always so challenging? What hinders people and businesses from getting started?

"Some people call us lazy, but I don’t think that’s the problem. We’re smart and hardworking. What we’re missing is the Confidence to sit down and get started."
Kyle Young 

In high school physics, you probably got a lecture about friction. Open those notes and you will realize that there are two types of friction – the Static friction and the Dynamic friction.
I can still picture my teacher saying, “Static friction is that force that a body needs to overcome before it can just start to move.”
He went further to explain that a parked car will experience a motion-limiting force until a greater amount of force is applied.
Does this drive anything home?

When starting anything, be it your business or that life career you want to build, there’s always a force trying to pull you back. It tries to limit the possibility of going for your dreams. It gives you a million reason why it’s not right to go for it. And even if the clear idea of what you want to achieve is cemented on the veranda of your heart, and there’s a written plan to work with, you still experience a drawback like an evident illusion trying to make you settle in the comfort zones.
What’s that black power of retardation that hinders a person from taking on the #1 step on that checklist?

The Business Static Friction

The phenomena of static friction does not only apply to high school physics, it literally applies to almost everything that has a start – anything that has a beginning.
The word “static,” means a state of stagnancy and immobility.
When you experience a repression to act, then it is evident that the business or career static friction has taken hold. I better describe it as “THE ACTION BLOCK.” It constantly opposes you and won’t let go until you put up a good fight.  The business static friction can present itself in different forms, it takes the smart to discover and banish the evil spirit else, you might suffer indolence and consequently, will be unable to significantly progress in your business or career.
But that’s the essence of this series – To get you smarter at tackling your “start” issues.

So, here are a few ways the business static friction can creep in
  •            No capital to start
  •            Critiques to your idea
  •            Unbelief in your career
  •            Inability to focus
  •            Fear of failure
Truth be told, these are critical things that can literally hinder anyone from pursuing his or her calling.
Overcoming these obstacles is not really as tough as it seems.
When this phenomena appears and glares at your face, all you need here is a determined and confident heart.
Stiffen your elbow, build a brave heart and you will push through your limitations and start today. Ignore the horrible look it flaunts at you and take it by the horn.
So, how do you overcome the opposition to motion?

#1 Get Rugged

‘Ay don’t laugh at it, ‘cos it ain’t funny right!
My teacher carefully explained that when you push a parked car, it exerts an equal and opposite force at you and if there is no difference in force, you remain motionless – unable to move.
So to overcome this tendency, you need to exert a force above that of the parked car. This requires stamina, friction on your feet and more effort.
All these words I sum up to being rugged.
Rugged means you don’t easily give up. You face and take up the challenge no matter what. Don’t give up on the first fight, get determined and take the bull by the horn.
In many life situations it has been proven that rugged people are bound to succeed.
  •            Nelson Mandela was a man of courage and determination, so rugged that he defended his fate even from the walls of a prison yard, and what happened? He succeeded.
  •            Thomas Edison faced a lot of failures but possessed un-shuddered ruggedness to continue and what resulted? The light bulb invention.
  •           The wright brothers should have easily given up on the first failed attempt to fly their plane. But you know what? They disallowed any form of compromise and today we can literally be anywhere we want in the world.

  "When you get rugged and persistent, you will push through the thought that thwarts your plan."

     #2 Get Focused.

Distraction is a limitation to success. If you are desperate to win, what you should do is focus on your results and not on the heat of succeeding.
When you push that car and look aside, it decelerates to its initial position and you get to start all over again. Concentrate, get focused and push through once and for all. If only you can focus, you are just a leap away from success.

"Until men understand the power of focus, they won’t realize they are just a leap away from success."

What hinders you from starting is the thought of losing which of course you can overcome by being brilliantly rugged and getting rooted in a strong sense of focus.
Good news
He also said that if only you can overcome the static friction, it takes very little force to keep a body in constant uniform motion.
What this means to you is that it gets easier. It’s not going to remain as hard as it was in the beginning, so buckle up and start doing something and you will find yourself doing better in the long run. I hope this episode helps a soul get started pursuing his career.

What other thing hinders you from pursuing your business career? Share in the comments.


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