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One thing easily available to any business minded person is an idea. Business minded persons will always have great ideas to present. But mind you, anyone can have a great ambition in life but in a case in which such persons are reluctant about their ambition, failure is inevitable.

Many die with unattained success, some with untriggered greatness. Only he who acts attains success. It takes years to nurse a business plan, hours to write it down. But it may take a lifetime to start. Some business-minded persons out there don’t give themselves a chance to showcase their talents and expertise, but in minds of these great men and women lie ideas that possess the capacity to transform our rudimentary world.

"Many die with unattained success, some with untriggered greatness. Only he who acts attains success."
In the legend of the Wright brothers, a display of undeterred determination and passion for succeeding was seen. I give them credit for this above all. You might be surprised that building their aircraft to finish didn’t matter much to me. 

What most people neglect about their story is their guts and auction to function from nothing. Overcoming the fear of starting, the discouragement, and impediment was the greatest step the Wright brothers took. One more point to note in their legendary story is their display of courage, bravery, and a certain fearlessness.

After completing their project, it was time to fly. A course of action that was never practiced by a man in all history and at the same time, had in its bowels the capacity to transform the trend of civilization. Think of what a mediocre would do…  Of course, that would be:
“Huh! You really mean I should enter this piece of metal crafted from mere imagination and fly? That’s way too cowardly”

The Wright brothers had this one worth owning skill of sustaining their vigor and passion for success to the end. The Wright brothers did not only come up with an astounding invention, they utilized this invention of theirs even though nothing of such has ever been done in history. Valiantly, they flew the plane. They overcame their fears, and even though they knew they could die up there, they still flew the aircraft.

Although the authenticity was never ascertained, news came that someone had developed an aircraft before the time of the Wright brothers but refused to fly it due to fear. And after the prodigies were done baffling the whole of history, he summoned the courage to fly his aircraft and behold, it flew. What a wasted future! Start now.

Willpower, You Will Need.
Starting can be the hardest thing to do. The hardest thing in cooking is kindling the fire, and the hardest thing in reading is picking up the book and scanning through the first lines.  It took long enough to pen down the first lines of this post. 

These start practices take the highest willpower. They consume the longest time and it is just about the start point that a greater percentage of persons fail in their business career and in virtually everything. It took willpower to compose the first lines of this post, it took the Wright brothers willpower to embark upon their mission, and it takes willpower even till today to pilot an aircraft.

"Willpower solidifies your determination to start"

When this post was conceived in my heart as the major cause for which most talented youths and potential businessmen out there are not making a wave, ideas began to coin into facts and then to memories and to a blog post. But one thing was missing… a start. When I was set to write, I discovered that despite all the ideas I had up my head, it took hours of scribbling on the paper to coin the first line. Yeah! The start of anything is always tough but willpower to start despite anything, like Wright brothers will always have your back.

The S.T.A.R.T Formula For Any Business Person or Structure.


Great men did not get where they are by doing nothing. Your business goal will remain an unborn dream if you don’t start. The bottom line is, 'start now'. Not when there is enough money, not tomorrow, not when you have enough support, not when it feels right, not when you graduate, not when you have enough capital. Start now. The start is a very significant part of any business venture and has always been the bump upon which most unborn business ideas have lost their ambition. Therefore, I will be briefly breaking down the “S.T.A.R.T formula” and how you can apply it to your business idea.

S- Survey shortly
Your survey is your strategy. Although a cliché, it still holds true that if you fail to plan, you certainly plan to fail. The problem in this phase is the time wasted here. You are meant to strategize your way to success… that’s right! But strategize shortly. You don’t need all the financial analysis and professional projections. These bugs kill the precious time you have left to go out there and deal with the real thing.

Remember, time is the investor’s most valued asset. The world of business is filled with fluctuating opportunities that tend to go up and down at rapid rates just like the stock market. If you are not able to quickly recognize your opportunity and take advantage of it immediately, then you are in to miss out completely.

 Am not saying that making good plans for your business is not right. The fact is that business plans made before starting any business are bound to always change or to be altered. This is because most times things don’t work out exactly as planned in the business world and more so, the business platform is filled with dynamic trends.

Therefore, instead of wasting so much time making plans that will definitely change in the long run, it is most rational to make just the most important ones and start immediately.

T- Take a step immediately
The perfect tomorrow will never come, that capital will never be enough, the right time and support will never come. Take a step. Make the move, pursue your goal at all cost and immediately. Kill every hesitation and begin. It is said that a journey of a thousand kilometers, begin with a step. Ask yourself if there are any short term sense of fulfillment you will at least get from starting. Will starting now expand your experience? Create extra income? Or at least help you feel any better? If you can provide an answer to these questions, then what are you waiting for? Take that bold step immediately.

A- Acknowledge your loop-holes 
It is only when you’ve begun a thing that you can truly decipher how good or bad you are at it. It takes willpower to start but it takes humility to acknowledge your mistakes. Someone said, “the best way to succeed in business, is to be in business”. Therefore, understand that in the course of your financial journey you’re bound to fall countless times but you can’t afford not to acknowledge all the loop-holes.

"It is only when you've begun a thing that you can truly decipher how good or bad you are at it"

R- Re-evaluate your steps
To fall is one thing, to rise is another. Don’t capitalize on one mistake or give up on the first fall. Inevitably, the road to financial freedom is filled with too many bumps but only fools stumble twice one the same bump. Re-evaluating your steps entails seeking for means of tracking each mistake you make along your success journey so that you don’t fall into the same pit twice. That’s the only way anyone can grow.

Always educate yourself more about your business. Seek professional guide, financial advice, and counseling if need be. This is how you can solidify your grounds and make even more rational decisions.

He is bound to succeed, who never stumbles twice on a thud

"Inevitably, the road to financial freedom is filled with too many bumps but only fools stumble twice on the same bump"

T- Tactical acceleration 
Acceleration is the product of failure, education, and determination
Acceleration is the product of complete acknowledgment of your mistakes and devising tactical means of tackling them. Every business wants to succeed, but amidst this high craving for business success, statistics according to SBA shows that for over 28 million small businesses in the United States, only about 50% survive and just about one-third survive 10 years more. This is mainly because businesses fail to heed the step 3 and 4 of the S.T.A.R.T formula this explains why the United States census bureau reports that:

"For an average of 400,000 small businesses created in the United States every year, 470,000 fail."

These businesses are not started properly or based on the right framework. Some businesses are started with the principal motive to make a profit, leaving behind every other essentials of starting. Acceleration takes the last place in the hierarchy and even at that, it must be tactical. This implies that even while you enjoy the business success you crave, you should not undermine the fact that you must continuously acknowledge mistakes when they come and re-evaluate your steps. These are routine processes and they are the basis for success. I can attest that implementing the S.T.A.R.T formula will get that your static business idea rolling within 3 days.

Now, having fully understood the S.T.A.R.T formula, I think it is high time to kick off that excellent idea you have. Stop wasting precious time for time is your most valued asset. Subscribe today not tomorrow and never miss out on any business tips we will be providing our happy subscribers in our next posting on the subject of how to start immediately.

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