A business plan in its simplest form can be seen as a guidebook with detailed information about how a startup will grow from bottom point to the peak of heights.
Often times most investors neglect this leverage and go ahead doing the planning in the course of running the business. The one problem with this type of plan is that it does not have a focus and will always amount to failure.

A business plan is that specially written information that carries the power to transform any business model. It harnesses and utilizes the power of focus. The business plan is always successful because it directs all efforts to a specific goal. Whenever effort is focused at a point, there is a compound effect that always leads to success. Therefore the power of a business plan is found in its ability to focus efforts, to one goal. Nevertheless, there are good as well as bad business plans.

 The power of a business plan is found in its ability to focus efforts on one goal.

Tips For Effective And Good Business Plan Writing.

1.       You don’t need all the research
It is very necessary that one makes proper research before venturing into any business model. Going into a business without any knowledge about it can be very endangering to your capital. Therefore, research is very necessary before any business plan is set up. Nevertheless, you don’t need all the research. Many people are just indecisive, they don’t just know what option to choose, what brand to assume, the best prices for their products and so on. Therefore they spend a lot of precious time making research upon which they will definitely not come up with a conclusion, instead, will  end up being more confused and frustrated. It is said that “time is the investors most valued asset” and John C. Maxwell in his book Talent is never enough asserted, “Anything worth doing is worth doing immediately”. Therefore ask yourself if starting will at least take off some emotional burden, strengthen your willpower or create positive cash flow. If any of the following applies then start up with your little research and stop wasting valuable time. It is said, “the best way to succeed in business is to be in business” and an English playwright James Ardley in one of his verses lamented,

  He slept beneath the moon
  He basked beneath the sun
  He lived a life of going-to-do
  And died with nothing done.
" Anything worth doing is worth doing immediately!"
John C. Maxwell

Therefore to avoid doing entirely nothing, do your little research and start immediately for it is in starting that your research becomes practical.

goal2.       Define your short and long term goals
Though a cliché, the saying "Everything happens for a reason" still stands true. If am privileged to rephrase that, I would say, “if there is no reason (goal), then there is no need to pursue anything”. Setting your goals is very important to creating a successful business plan. You should be able to clearly state your business goals and objective and then how to go about achieving them." You don't pursue without a prey or race without a finish line." Everything must be done for a reason and as such your business plan should have a specific short term goals  (goals you wish to pursue at the very instant whose results are seen immediately) and long term goals (goals you wish to achieve in the long run of the business).

" You don't pursue without a prey or race without a finish line."

3.       Clearly, define your vision and mission statement
Where there is no vision there is no focus and where there is no focus, there is no success. There is no truly successful business without a vision and mission statement. The mission statement gives any business a strong reason to keep fighting while the vision statement focuses the businesses efforts at a specific goal. Every business plan must include these. In tough times, the mission and vision statement has a way of rekindling the passion for success. Therefore, if you are already operating your business without a mission/vision statement, success demands you get one. Remember, your mission statement gives you the reason to keep fighting and your vision statement focuses your efforts. There is no limit to what you can achieve with them.

"In tough times, the mission and vision statement has a way of rekindling the passion for success... there is no limit to what you can achieve with them."

4.       Define your marketing and advertisement strategies
Marketing and advertising should be an essential part of any business plan. Proper advertising feeds the marketing department. When the advertisement is dead, the sales report automatically gets gloomy. That is how related both fields are and in fact, a dwindling sales report automatically beget a dwindling business structure. Therefore, every effective business plan should contain a nicely strategized marketing and advertisement plan.

5.       Review
Professional writers proofread their articles, actors review their appearances, so, do review your business plan. A bad business plan can recklessly squander a heap of capital. So, why not spend little to review your plan than face financial crisis. Business planning is great and cool but how well and effective is the question. For your business plan review, you can consider consulting professional business analysts and advisors to help review your plan, make necessary amends and leave you with a plan that works perfectly for your business.


6.       Start immediately:
 To plan is good, to start is best. Starting is as easy literally but not practically. It can possibly take a lifetime to actually start up a long-time plan. Don’t hesitate your success, don’t nurse failure in the reins of your heart. Pursue your vision and mission no matter what stands between you. Associate with dream builders and the right business partners that can encourage your idea. Beware, bad associates can kill your career. Determine to pursue your plan and start immediately.

" To plan is good, to start is best...START NOW!"

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