Episode 2: Discover How the Word “START” Can Change Your Life (The Overlooked Secret of the Rich)

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Welcome to the second episode of this series: how to start your business today with little or no money.

The essence of this episode, is to bring to light, the problem people face in business and career pursuit and how the magic word “START” can be the game-changer.

Majority of the people I meet and ask about their goals will always have great stories to tell. They never a lack a word to express their ideas. But why are the same people not making any wave?

Great ideas capable of transforming our world, lie in the recesses of the hearts of men but an inhibition represses its realization. People often get into the temptation of blaming themselves to be supposedly dumb. You will hear something like,
  •   I am a dumb ass
  •   Why can’t I get my head straight?
  •  I suck at this
  •  Everyone’s doing it except me

You keep blaming your innocent self, whereas the problem “like a ghost,” lies unrecognized and untapped.

What’s the problem?
The problem is not your idea. You are not in lack of ideas, in fact, I can bet that if you started this series from the beginning, that a couple of great ideas would have in some way run into your mind.

The Frequently Answered Question (FAQ)
In your next gathering with friends, ask them about their short and long term goals. You will be literally marveled at how the ideas flow. Majority, don’t even regard these ideas as goals, but notice that they will always have something to say, a story to tell, and an idea to share.

This ability to generate ideas and know exactly what we want, comes naturally to us. You probably would recall how when you were a kid and you’ll be asked a couple of times, “what do you want to be in future?” probably your reply was a doctor (I actually did this one), engineer, pilot and some of those high ranking white collar professions.

The point is, you always know what you want even if you may not know how to get there.

Just a few days before writing this post, I personally experimented this.

I met a customer at my work place and during our get-to-know chat, I asked the FAQ – “what goals do you wish to achieve in the long run of your life?” with a certain aura and vigor, he explained how he admired the rich so much and how he has been planning to build a mega business.

This customer detailed his explanation in so much that I was marveled. His definiteness of purpose was astonishing and the motivation that zoomed from the sound of his voice was profound and astounding. 

He was so interested that he’d go the extra mile to explain even what I didn’t request. He went on to explain his idea of a business and the financial projections while I silently listened as the dazzling unction for action proceeded from him.

Guess what else he told me? He had written a plan for his business already.

He explained the whole idea in such an action oriented way that left me wondering at his motivation. Now very curious, I asked, “So, what’s the big picture?”
“I hope to build the biggest business ever known,” he said with every boldness and conviction.

“That’s great, so what are you doing now?”
“I'm actually still planning and making research I hope to fully launch by next year.”

And when I heard that, I knew that there’s no getting near the path to success. This is a very serious problem that not just my customer faced but a large lake of people are facing. How I wish he understood how to harness the START MINDSET.

"The problem is not with your idea, it’s with your mindset."

Do you know that of all existing living things, humans have the best thinking faculty and IQ, and the manner in which the human brain can generate fantastic ideas remains a wonder. You are fully equipped and sophisticated with the resources you need to succeed. Utilize them.

So why do you remain where you are despite all the fantastic ideas running up and down your head? Why can’t you take action even when you’ve figured out exactly what you want to do and how to go about it?

The Overlooked Word That Changes the Game.
The ability to start anything from nothing is one of the greatest talents our world’s most influential people have figured out. Do you and can you harness this talent? Of course you do and you can.

The problem is that we’ve been taught rudimentarily to understand the word “START” from its literal point of view. We fail to acknowledge what tremendous change that single word can bring when we completely decipher its true meaning not just from the literal view but from a metaphysical and philosophical approach.

The word “START” came from the German word Styrtan which means to caper or leap. It is a command to your soul. It’s an automatic trigger for action. It sets you off even when you are not ready. It convinces you when you are criticized. It is a supernatural and extraordinary drive for action. The rule of the word, is:

"Keep going, don’t look back. Soon you will see the light at the end of the tunnel."

We are looking at ‘starting,’ from a very critical and philosophical aspect. It is a force that sets you off at the slightest vista of an idea.

The world’s most successful people has in some way discovered the secret unlock code for incorporating the metaphysical abilities of that word to their lives. They didn’t succeed because they had wonderful ideas (of course you have even better ones), they succeeded because there was that unseen yet evident drive for action that will move them to act whether or not they were ready, whether they succeeded or not. That mindset leads the way and you follow.

It’s very sad that we overlook such a great agent of change.
Maybe you were not aware but do your research and you will discover that.
  •   Mark Zuckerberg had the idea to start Facebook but wasn’t sure about what it would turn out to be (of course no one ever is). A force pushed him to action - THE START MINDSET. Not the idea.
  • Henry Ford claimed no other invention as his own except the phonograph. He stated that other inventions and patents filed in his name, was simply a remodeling of other people’s ideas. What did these people lack that Henry Ford had? THE START MINDSET, not an idea.

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How to Incorporate the ‘START MINDSET’ That Can Change Your Entire Business and Career.
How can you turn the word “START” to a meta-physical trigger in your life that will reward you with undaunted and extraordinary drive for action in your business or career?
  •  Clear your mind
  •  Narrow your focus
  •   Get determined
  •   Associate with dream builders not breakers
  •   Start in the smallest way you can and the muse will catch up with you.
  •  Build confidence in your plan
  •  Find time to meditate (very powerful tool to auto configure your mentality)
  •  Consider partnering with the right people.
  •  Seek a mentor: one is too small a number to achieve success (the #1 rule of teamwork) – John. C. Maxwell.

These steps, will help you incorporate the START MINDSET (The often overlooked principle of the rich) as an action trigger that will activate your career or business. I hope you learn.

And I recommend that you constantly seek for ways to kick of any plan of yours. That’s the only way anyone attains success. It is said, “a journey of a 1000 miles begins with a step.” Let me rephrase that.

"A plan without a start is child’s play."

Continue on this expedition until we’ve fully uncovered the secrets behind making wealth. Continue this series here.

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Is there another way to look at the word “start”? In what other ways have you successfully built a START MINDSET? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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