The Grand Finale: How to Start Your Business or Career with Little or No Money

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We’ve finally approached the end of this series and it is a pleasure that you’ve participated all through. The series: how to start your business with little or no money, was crafted with the young entrepreneurs and investors in mind. It means to annul the statistics that proved that there are many more business failures than startups. And although the numbers in the statistics below may vary, no doubt this holds true for majority of the countries.

“The United States census bureau reports that for an average of 400,000 small businesses created in the United States every year, 470,000 fail.”

This series calls to mind the many who fail because of the wrong mindset to business startups and thus, it has successfully outlined the problems we face and their respective solutions.

Lawlessness in Business.

You will of course agree with me that there is no all-knowing person and as such, we never stop learning new strategies of doing things. One can only decide to pause his learning process, which is very endangering. So while the ways of expanding our knowledge on startups keep growing and there are a number of new strategies to learn, let us take cognizance of the best methods so far.

Where there is no law, people languish in lawlessness. Principles are not valued; natural laws are broken without remorse. Nothing happens to persons who trample on the fundamental rights of others and so, failure becomes inevitable, as there is conflict with both self and purpose. This is the case with a lawless nation or organization and because businesses are operating in lawlessness, the gloomy statistics are stacked against us.

There are no trusted and consistent principles that guide businesspersons on how to launch into businesses and as such, the repercussions are evident. Statistics are yelling back at us. The rate of business failure is getting higher and higher as the years go by. We need a rule, we need a pattern, and we need the business startup guide.

Because we break ourselves against the natural laws of business startup, it appears the deck is stacked against us. We seem to make progress in the first few years of starting up and thereafter, our doom draws nigh, and soon we discover that our motivations were based on the wrong principles.

In the final analysis, the overall skill of the rich is the ability to build businesses; everything else revolves around it. However, what difference does it make if these businesses end up in failure. Therefore, it is not just building many businesses that matters, it is building one that can stand the test of time.

Someone once said, “It is not about reading a thousand books but reading the right few.” Perhaps this is the case with business.

In a meeting with Expert Insurance Broker and Consultant Mr. Celestine Anyadufu, he gladly shared the following. “The problem with unsuccessful people and businesses is that they lack a style and a system. They go about their day just the way they see it — without a pattern or set of principles. If you want to be extraordinarily successful, get a style, get a system, and ultimately, respect the process.”

The first episode of this series was based on that notion of giving you a style and a system. It focused on how people could observe a tested pattern that led to success. It uncovered a secret path which when followed correctly could salvage our rudimentary world from obsessive business failure to that of an outstanding business success. That indisputable theory is the Start Formulathe ultimate business startup guide.

Therefore, with the picture of this whole series in mind, it is time we recollect on the principles taught so far so that you can put them somewhere handy and use it in your day-to-day life.



Practice These Things.

It will not matter if you do not act, it will not make any difference if you do not practice. There is a lot of information out there, and we find ourselves in the dilemma of which one to follow. Nevertheless, as you apply these principles to your personal lives, career, and business, you will be glad you followed the ultimate startup guide.

For a clear and intrinsic understanding of the principles taught in this series, I will outline in bulleted list, an overview of the core values of these lessons. Take your time to go through it and keep in mind that these principles have made heroes and prodigies. Therefore, nurture it, keep it safe, and ultimately, use it to propel whatever goal you have in life. It has worked for me countless times and I have a hunch it will likewise work for you.

Core Values from the Ultimate Startup Guide.

In order to be effectively and efficiently productive, you have to have a rule, a guide, a style, a system, a strategy. Launching into anything with no methods and set strategies will eventually lead to failure. This holds true for many top-notch industries today. You cannot venture into industries like Forex, real estates, or paper assets (stock, mutual funds, and bond) without a consistent success guide because failure will be inevitable. And how about football? Will you set players on the football pitch without a formation and team strategy? Oh hell no… you ain’t gonna try that because that’s disaster.

“One thing is for sure. When one neglects the law, the style, system, and strategy, he gets catastrophe.”

However, with reference to different industries, whether you call it a strategy, team tactics, formation, an extraction plan, or a startup guide as I do, it still has the same fundamental meaning.

The principle motive in all of these cases is to eradicate lawlessness. There has to be a pattern to follow, there has to be a leading strategy. So, next time you have a dream to pursue, a business to build or career path you want to fulfill, ask yourself, what is my style, system, strategy, guide, or rule?

The first episode covered all of that. However, for the purpose of clarity and simplicity, here is an overview of the core values preached in all this series.

When next you want to launch into a startup

  • Prepare — remember that indefatigable and consistent practice is the price one must pay to attain preparedness.
  • What else can you start investing except money?
  • Render some free services or do a public presentation — this is the best method of advertising in the whole of history.
  •  If they are product services, give it out at a subsidized rate.
  •  Take a step — one foot first.
  •  Believe in your plan
  •  Build confidence by achieving little successes daily.
  •  Seek a good mentor
  •  Build a team around your goal. (choose carefully)
  •  Acknowledge your mistakes as you progress and correct them.
  •  Neglect your naysayers
  •  Value your critiques
  •  Do not give up (it is all right to fail a 1000 times — Thomas Edison proved that principle.)
  •  Generate capital — Sell some unimportant stuff because you don’t need everything.
  •  Choose the right environment for your craft.

Maybe this might not be all you need to make it big in whatever you wish to take on, but believe it or not this principle are worth trying out and you’ll sure be surprised how thing begin to work out very easily for you.

Surely, these are some insightful points to be grasped from this series. They have constituted its very creation and its basic aim is to arm and transform young investors from the level of a potential to that of a practitioner.

The next time you have a business or career plan to fulfill, come look at these steps, and practice them. You can’t undermine the fact that your success is guaranteed.
I would like us to get in touch to know how you are applying these principles and how it is helping you become a better you. I will also like to hear your questions. So, say hi on Facebook, and Twitter.

How has this series affected your notion about startups? Share your thoughts in the comment.

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