The Clever Act of Taking a Walk – Do You Always Have to Be Busy?

Give yourself a break.

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The society we live in is that whose atmosphere is saturated with hustling and bustling. Busyness in business, bustling in relationships, and the ever-surviving desire to compete. These things rob us of rest, the sense of calm and most importantly, the value of life.

The businessperson is always busy; the entrepreneur is always researching new opportunities. The nursing mothers are always restless and even the domestic house cleaner in a hurry. The corporate worker yearns for some air and the writer is always bleeding on paper. Our world is always found to be in a state of constant chaos due to rumblings of busyness.

And in all these, we hardly have compassion on ourselves. We less frequently commit to rest. However, we keep straining our nerves, clinching our fists in a bid to do extra more.

It is not in physical strain that we must achieve the best. The clench of fist may lead to very little success but calculated actions and decent choices will get you there.

The Two Existing worlds

Time and over again, we are been caught in between two worlds. One, that of a tumultuous and unnerving struggle and the second, of total weakness, idleness, and slumber. It is usually either one or the other.

However, there is evidently a flaw in this model or approach to our businesses, career, and relationships.

In the first world, you produce volumes of scripts, in order words, productivity is tripled. But more often than not, you discovered that what you produced could only mercifully be classified as crumbs.

In order words, productivity becomes a total clinker.

Whereas, in the second world you produce nothing at all. Then here comes the question, “could there be a third alternative?”

What if you could create a completely new existential level; someplace where valuable creativity rather than worthless productivity will be preserved and adored.

The Third Alternative

Some personal development consultants and time management programs tend to focus on productivity. Volumes are appraised instead of value. The question is “how much” and not “how valuable.”

However, this scripting has been generalized. It is now viral as almost everybody practices it whether consciously or unconsciously. This is the reason why in relationships, job security takes preference. The holiday or family vacation can wait once it’s your boss calling. We are committed to restlessness and busyness; we are held in a paradigm of high productivity with little or no emphasis on the value of our labor. We soak ourselves in constant chaos and crisis. By our own hands, we create an atmosphere of sore cataclysm because we don’t find joy in our restless struggle nor peace in a completely deteriorated relationship.

In the midst of our unending struggle, no satisfaction is derived. Being idle makes the situation worse. Therefore, we need the third alternative. The solution rests in a pattern or strategy that upholds productivity and compliments value — value in our personal lives as well as our relationships. We demand a new ideology that senses the need for a chaotic relief. Where calmness and peace with self is maintained. That ideology rests in the clever act of taking a walk.

This principle recognizes that the struggles of life are unending and limitless. So everyone is found in a state of constant hustling or total idleness.

A Little Time Out Will Suffice

Taking some time out of the entire world’s stress will do great good. Struggling all day long consumes your sense of calm. It wears you out and gets you all stressed out. In the third alternative, taking a walk, a little time off from all the bustling energizes you to perform better.

Worthless productivity should be abhorred and value enthroned. You create value by taking some time off that tight schedule to visit a friend, spend some time with your spouse, do charity or take a walk. In productivity, taking a walk can help the brain to quickly gather highly relevant data that can enhance the value and worth of your project.

Taking a walk forbids idleness and slumber but promotes considerable struggle that is in harmony with valuable productivity rather than that which is valueless and worthless.

Quadrant II Activities Are Neglected

It is time to change the script you’ve been handed by parents and peers. That of a chaotic struggle for success to that which promotes calm competition — the third alternative of taking a walk. We tend to believe that in making that extra effort, we attain something greater. However, in doing so we trample on value and overlook impact. We allow the urgent matters eat up the whole time whereas neglecting quadrant II activities that would have made tremendous impact on the relationship we hold so dear and the extra value that would have been added to our productive capacity and competence.

Taking a walk is a clever act in the second quadrant of activities. It is important but not urgent. Perhaps this is why it is often neglected. However, if your focus is not just on productivity but also on impact; on value not on volumes, then it’s time you adopt the new ideology of the third alternative — take a walk. Find time to rest, give yourself breaks and the value and impact of what you do will be doubled. You should all so take some time out of the entire tight schedule to attend to some non-urgent quadrant II activities. You can visit charity homes, buy your spouse a gift, take the kids on an exciting trip.

It is not in physical strain that we must achieve the best. Calculated actions and decent choices will get you there.

We often neglect countless quadrant II activities. Taking some time out of business to do these things makes you a person of value. It also adds value to your relationships both with self (mentally, productively) and with other interpersonal relationships. In conclusion, don’t let the thought of business eat up your time with self and persons — take a walk.

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