How to Discover true Financial Freedom...#2 will shock you

Financial freedom is one's ability to have money work for them rather than working for money. Youths, as well as aspiring business persons, tend to believe that investment is too risky. But the point is it’s actually not as risky as they think it is. With the right financial education, investment is almost a zero risk game. Nevertheless, it can also be riskier than you will ever imagine but that’s when there is a wrong or obsolete financial education. So you should take special interest and time to choose who advises you on your financial proceedings. During my early years of financial education, I paid undivided attention to my choices of financial advisors and that has paid off handsomely. This is a very important consideration when walking up your way to financial freedom.

The following conversation followed in a brief meeting with an old friend some time last year.

Hello friend, it’s been long since we met how is everything.

'Leo, life ain’t working out well, things are damn tough'...he said.

'Am sorry about that, but what’s really the problem' as i empathized

 'My income is behind my expenses'

I understand, but why not reduce the expenses.

' It’s not as easy because each one of them is necessary.' he tried to explain.

Okay, so what do you plan on doing in order to meet up with these expenses.

Well, I think I would just go back to college, get a higher qualification and as such increase my earning power.

That’s great, I guess that will work. I said, not wanting to discourage the young man

 Yea I think it’s a great move.

My old friend was passing through hard times, and when asked what he taught the possible solution was, he immediately thought of going back to college, getting a higher qualification and coming back to work for money. Many people actually believe that their relevance or the amount of money they make is determined by their educational qualification or by working harder and harder. Some are highly paid at their place of work and are content, of course, they should be, at least they pay their bills on time, have a nice house and car, and their kids attend the best schools. The point is this, they are financially dependent on their places of work because someone else decides how much, when and how they get paid. Being financially free is the complete opposite.

Financial freedom in a very simple term is one's ability to pay himself. More precisely, when you reserve the right to determine how much you get paid, when and how then you are financially free. You may not be getting the millions of dollar you might anticipate at first, but it will surely pay off with time. We are going to briefly discuss only four among the numerous qualities of the financially free, others will come along in subsequent posts.

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The following are they very important features to watch out for.

You see, one interesting thing about the rich is that they work lesser and lesser but earn more and more. The capability of achieving this lies in their ability to harness the working power of money. The rich have money work for them rather than work for money. In other words, if you want to be rich and financially free you must learn how to make money work for you.

Generosity in this sense implies “ones willingness to help others”. You might wonder in confusion, are the rich actually generous? I mean if they are then there should be no poor person. Yea people always tend to see the rich as greedy people and all of that, but the truth is that the rich are the most generous personalities you will find because, statistics have shown that about 80% of all known wealthy men and women, attained wealth by being generous. So, a very important point to note is that the rich are generous. If you want to join the track, I think there is only one option “Be generous”. Subsequent posts will reveal more about this.

Just as the famous financial instructor stated in his book titled “Retire Young Retire Rich”, he explained that with the right financial education which of course we provide here at LEOFINANCZ, once you have successfully entered the lane to financial freedom, the whole process gets easier. This is very true and holds strictly. So don’t be discouraged by the hurdles you face when still trying to get along, at least now you know it gets easier and of course, it certainly does.

Remember those days in high school when your teacher said entrepreneurs are risk takers that spot an opportunity in the market and employs their resources into converting that opportunity into a profitable business. Well, this is true because the rich are actually entrepreneurs and are action oriented. Note that they take action immediately they spot an opportunity knowing fully well that there risks. So if you are interested in the game of the rich you should be able to spot an opportunity and convert it to profit.

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