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I was reading an article and I came across this “working for money is not an option if you want to become rich”. Well, I kept wondering what the writer was trying to say. I mean should everyone stop working and focus on being and employer…should every start creating their own businesses? Well maybe be. But the fact is that working for money is not totally bad as some investors may deem it. It depends on your concept or reality as to why you are actually working.

A majority of young people still believe in the cardinal rule of going to school and getting a good grade after which they get a great job and start working. This class of people end up working and working so hard just to meet up with their bills. The truth is if you really want to make it young and retire on time you need to start reviewing the reason why you are working. Do you have the right mindset and reality when it comes to your job? Or do you just work, earn, spend and work again and again.


Literally, working to get paid is not bad, as in some point in life one might need to work to raise a few dollars. But you should know actually, that it’s just but to raise a few dollars, invest it and off you go. Many go into the corporate world get highly paid and relax forgetting that pretty soon they will have to retire and might have nothing to boast of. It’s very necessary to understand how to raise your capital in order to start a profitable investment that is worthwhile, but if you chose to work for a firm to get paid that is totally fine but the question is under what mindset are you working. Many believe in this idea of getting a good job that pays well and then relaxes and waits to believe that as they climb the corporate ladder, they may get a higher pay. So, they keep working and working expecting a promotion and an unlikely pay rise. In my own opinion that is not the best way to achieving the great wealth you crave. I am going to discuss working for money in 3 different perspectives read along and see what you were missing all this while.

This is that particular part where many fail the test. Although working for income is not bad but getting a job and seeing it as a way of generating an income you live on is a pretty wrong concept. Think about it, after getting the pay, there are lots of bills to be cleared, rent, electric bills, and a lot more. When all of this is solved, then there is absolutely nothing left to boast of and that is what I call the negative cash flow. So if you see working as a way to get income, it is really not the best move for you and you might want to consider the other two perspectives of working with a firm.

Yeah, financial progress is more of mental than physical. This might take a little while for one who is totally new in the field to understand but it is really about changing your reality- the way you see and do things, the way you think and feel about money. It is the ability to see a possibility in what others have considered impossible. If you want to grow financially free you must work to learn and not to earn. Though you earn anyway, that isn’t your focus. The focus is the invaluable education and experiences you are getting. Working to learn and not to earn is one basic paradigm change everyone heading the lane to financial freedom must have to experience.
This is very important for everyone but most important for new and young investors coming into the world of business.

This is where I do encounter some problems because it kind of clashed with “working as a way of getting income”. But take a closer look and carefully analyze the two captions. You will get to notice that the difference is in the paradigm. The first persons are just interested in the income, as it is not seen as a leverage to create another possibility out of impossibility. The second person who is the professional worker and has undergone a paradigm shift sees his income not just as an income but as a gateway to creating more income, more wealth. He acknowledges what leverage he has if he can appropriately use his income. And using it wisely to make out a possibility of generating passive income through other investments, which is what I term the 'positive cash flow'. So if you want to be rich, you need to change your paradigm. By working as a way a way to learn and working as a way to raise capital. Don’t try the other, it can be very deadly to your financial growth.

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