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Hey, today we are going to discuss why financial freedom is more of a mental effort than physical. A few days ago we discussed why working for money is not an option to become rich. Today I am going to show you how mental work is more necessary than the physical effort. This is because the mental effort helps you work with the right focus. To be financially free, one needs to work on both aspects of financial success. You need to take both aspects seriously. Financial success is achieved when one is in the right mental and physical path. The following conversation took place between Mr. and Mrs. Stephen...Hey, honey get me the jar of milk...but Stephen that’s finished. And the butter? of course, that's finished too Mrs. Stephen answered. Oh, I see, am just gonna eat the bread raw today. Mrs. Stephenson replied, our income is behind our expenses and we can’t afford most of this stuffs anymore. Pause, that’s what we are looking for. Many people ignore the power of positive thinking because it’s not one of those things that can stand straight and talk to you. According to the great financial philosopher Robert Kiyosaki, our mind is our greatest asset. But I say our mind is our greatest asset as well as our greatest liability. It is either you choose to develop it to become an asset or it remains a liability. Mr. Stephen worked for a construction company and being that he was recently promoted, he wanted to upgrade his standard of living as well. He spent money renovating the house, bought a new car and has almost used up his residual income. Then the above conversation took place. But what we want to take a deep look at is Mrs. Stephen's reply “our income is behind our expenses, we can’t afford most of this stuff anymore”.

Sometimes people say anything they think of not realizing that what they say shapes their mind and consequently their actions. Being that your mind can be your greatest asset and at the same time liability, you may want to consider the words you speak as concerns your finance because positive words build your mind and consequently begets good financial effort but with negative words, the reverse is the case. Take a look below.

how words affect riches


The poor say The rich say
 I am poor  How can i get rich
 I can't afford that anymore How can i afford that
There are no good jobs  There are many opportunities how can i see them
 I can't cope without this job  What should i do apart from this job
 Save save save.......  Save. Invest, invest.......

Have you gone through the table above? Now go through it again and this time allow your mind to feel as it reads. You will notice that what the poor say makes you want to settle for less but the words of the rich are encouraging as well as puts you in the right mindset to take the physical action. So, it is obvious that if you want to attain financial freedom, you should acknowledge the leverage of your words and use it rightly. This is because when you are in the right mental state financially, you tend to act accordingly. Your efforts will have a focus and you will find yourself always on track. So, the right words modify your mindset and auto-directs your effort.

The right words modify your mindset and auto-directs your effort .

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