Part 1, Episode 6: Why That Plan Turned Useless.

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It was during my second year in college, I began to grasp that I’ve come of age to start making plans for my future. I came from a family that found its financial stance in the lower middle-class quartile, and being the first issue of my father, I had to secure things in place in order to discontinue the family’s gloomy financial credo.

So I Consulted A Friend.
And all of a sudden, the sense of urgency for a plan began to grow. I began to contemplate incessantly and unceasingly. Days were going by faster than usual and each tick of the clock was making matters worse. So, I consulted a business expert who also happened to be a close friend about possible investments I could launch into with a petite capital.

Lols! This story of my past gets me startled at times; whether I actually lived them. But maybe some things were just meant to come our way for a greater good, even though we rarely acknowledge it.

Anyway, I consulted Francis who seemed a little surprised, but after a while, like someone who just got back a historic idea, he said, “chicken farming would be fine — you can start from little and grow your way up.”

It first sounded very ridiculous to hear him say that.

“But that’s not what the big boys do,” I contemplated.

As He kept expounding on the idea of chicken farming, I found myself getting acquainted.

After all, there was not much of an option.

Francis said many pleasing things about chicken farming that I felt like hopping so that the slam of my feet could be heard from a mile.

“So such a brilliant idea existed, and no one else has told me about it?”

I kept pondering within me as he moved unto the part I liked and was actually yearning to hear  —  The money part. He ran some financial projections, with the amount of capital I had at the time  —  very little. But the estimates he made like the profit loss ratio and the impossibility of losing totally caused me to marvel.

He really caught my attention and all that rang in my mind was, “Don’t let anyone hear about this super idea, they will snatch it from you…you know people are bad these days!”

So, I Went Planning

I spent sleepless nights, doing more research and investigation on the investment proposal and the next course of action I was going to take. Then I found even more interesting things.

I kept writing and rewriting the bogus and robust plan. When I finally found the one I thought would fit just right, I finalized my research and planning and carefully wrote the whole jargon in a special book (I can’t overemphasize how much I cherished that plan).

Then one day, I went to visit a friend and right there I finally decided to let open my big secret plan. And the worst happened. Charles, an acquaintance to my friend was in the room when I visited, and he has been into the business for quite a long time too.

Unknown to me, I broke down every single detail as Charles silently listened and nodded consistently. And after I was done with all the trash, Charles interrupted, “It’s such a good idea you’ve got about chicken farming. But what else did your friend tell you?” taken by surprise, I sputtered, “Do you suggest that my knowledge on this is not sufficient?”

“Not in the manner I would likely say,” he snapped back. Now being awed and in total dismay, I listened to him, mouth ajar, as he said all the gloomy things he knew about chicken farming. Although he intended to get me more educated and sophisticated about what I intended to do, that wasn’t the manner in which I conceived it.

My passion faded, my hopes dwindled, and my conceived fortune slowly approached crash point and I lost interest in chicken farming all for some silly reason.

Do you have a story like mine?
Let me tell you why those plans of yours lay packed in the cupboard and are never going to procreate.

5 Reasons Why The Plan Turned Impractical

You probably do have a similar adventure, in which all the business or career planning all of a sudden does not trigger you again. At that point, the motivation for action has been defeated. An effective way to avoid future re occurrence is to fathom the reason behind the tragic fall of that heroic plan book.

#1 The Fear Of Losing
When you crave to win, you win. When you fear to lose, you lose. And when you fear about your plan, it loses its usefulness.

It is most often what we fear and crave the most that come to us. Are you afraid of embarking on that plan? Do you continually doubt your potential to succeed? Then that’s the problem.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt puts his finger in the problem when he rightly stated, “the only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.”

Don’t allow the fear of losing get to your bones even though sometimes, it just comes naturally to us. Fear can also be a good thing but allowing it to take hold of you will lead to a dead-end. A mind subjugated by fear, will not take as much as a leap towards accomplishing its life’s plan.

Here are a few things you can do to start overcoming your fear of losing today.
  •             Focus on the optimistic part of the plan
  •             Neglect your naysayers
  •             Find some alone time to meditate
  •             Talk to a helpful friend about it

This little steps can help you quickly get rid of the fear of losing. Try those steps and see what happens. I am sure beyond doubt that you will get better at handling the fear of losing. Note that a mind free from fear is a mind ready to rule.

So what else can make a plan not to yield? You will find out in part 2 of this episode. 
Click here to continue with part 2 

What are you expecting as the next plan slayer? Keep your comments coming while in expectation for the next killer figure.



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